Survey2Connect joins hands with BQA to transform CX in the Education Sector

Customer experience is not just limited to the business world. It plays a major part in the education sector as well. However, CX in the education sector is a tricky proposition as it often involves personalities at the very extreme ends of the spectrum - teachers, who are often senior in terms of age, experience, and students, who are at the opposite end. This disparity is also evident in their adoption of technology - something which students are very fast at while teachers take time. Thus, all this needs to be taken into account when it comes to CX in Education.

About BQA

The Education and Training Quality Authority (BQA) is an independent entity established as part of the National Education Reform Project. BQA aims to build an integrated, coherent, transparent, and quality-assured system for national qualifications that acknowledges the various forms of learning and meets both national and international requirements.

The Challenge faced by BQA

The BQA conducts periodic reviews of educational, higher educational, and vocational institutions. These reviews are published on its website in the form of reports to ease the decision-making process for people choosing institutions. For these reviews, BQA takes feedback from the main stakeholders - the parents, trainers, employees, etc.  The BQA had employed an online survey tool for this purpose but was looking for a complete solution that would automate the entire process and at the same time keep the transparency of the process intact.  

How Survey2Connect helped BQA achieve its Goal

A quick turnaround time was one of the key factors that led to BQA choosing Survey2Connect, with Survey2Connect’s team setting up everything within just a few days. With the help of Survey2Connect’s solution, BQA was able to streamline the entire review process - right from collecting feedback to generating insights that BQA could easily publish on their website. "We were able to automate the entire process with ease. Survey2Connect’s solution offered great transparency and allowed us to send customized surveys to our stakeholders", said Noora Albalushi, a Senior Computer Specialist from BQA. With the addition of BQA, we have bolstered our already strong presence in the Middle East and look forward to a long and fruitful association with them.

About Survey2Connect

Survey2Connect is an award-winning Experience Management platform. We provide solutions across Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Digital Research, Brand Experience and Employee Experience. Our solutions are crafted to cater to a diverse set of industries ranging from banking, government, healthcare, education and ecommerce.  Using our SaaS platform, businesses can turn detractors into promoters, get the pulse of their employees, reduce customer churn and research their potential products and services using our vast global audience panels. We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands like BMW, Bupa and VISA across the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

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