How XEBO is Revolutionizing Experience Management

In a world where customer-centricity reigns supreme, businesses must continually evolve to meet the dynamic demands of their audience and so have we. We are thrilled to announce the evolution of our company from Survey2Connect to, marking a leap forward in the realm of Experience Management. This transition isn't just a change in name, it's a strategic shift aimed at redefining the way businesses engage with their customers. While our roots were firmly planted in revolutionizing experience management through surveys, our transformation into signifies a broader horizon of harnessing AI's power for a holistic experience. Thus, this introduction of is a testament to our dedication to innovation and growth.  If you're curious about the reasons behind this change and what led to it, let us explain. Well, this transition is fueled by our commitment to innovation, growth, and a deep understanding of the evolving needs of businesses, seeking seamless experience management solutions.

From Survey2Connect to

Our transition is a strategic shift expanding our capabilities far beyond conventional survey tools. Survey2Connect was instrumental in revolutionizing the landscape of experience management through its innovative survey tools. We have helped hundreds of brands to better understand their markets and customer expectations. Our customizable and automated research solutions have helped the world’s most trusted brands become even stronger with 12702 Surveys, more than 3360456 responses and 1099+ dashboards. If you're wondering about the shift from Survey2Connect to, read more.

The future of experience management? AI-powered solutions

AI has captured the spotlight across various industries, from aiding in the early detection of diseases to increasing efficiency in production lines. In this fast-evolving landscape, AI technology has progressed to a point where it can emulate human thinking and behavior. This transformative power of AI is now making its way into the realm of experience management, marking a shift in how businesses interact with their customers. As AI gains prominence in the realm of CX, we have recognized its potential to revolutionize the way brands engage with their customer base. Firms that are adept at harnessing AI capabilities are positioning themselves as customer-centric organizations that pioneer their respective industries. From personalizing experiences to crafting more effective and engaging customer interaction strategies, AI is emerging as a valuable ally in the business world. Undoubtedly, the future of experience management lies in AI-powered solutions. This futuristic vision has led us to the transition to as we strive to redefine experience management.

Now, see more and do more with is not just another experience management software, it's an AI-driven powerhouse designed to deliver exceptional experiences in just a few minutes. Yes, you heard that right. Wondering how? Read more.

Generate customizable and relevant questionnaires with an advanced AI Algorithm

Create AI-powered surveys with XEBO
  • uses an advanced AI algorithm to create customizable and relevant questionnaires swiftly and effortlessly, that is in just a few minutes.  
  • Eliminates the hassle of formulating questions by crafting personalized surveys within minutes.

Thus, now say goodbye to the hassle of crafting questions and embrace the efficiency of  

Collect data everywhere and understand anytime with Omnichannel feedback collection

  • maximizes customer outreach by connecting through various digital and physical channels.
  • Collects feedback across diverse customer journeys via email, SMS surveys, in-app APIs, websites, WhatsApp, social media, and offline modes through the Field Force App.
  • Integrates Customer Experience and operations data, engages employees in the feedback process and offers real-time feedback collection with versatile analysis tools.  

Real-time revelations and future-ready decisions with mastery in customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping with XEBO
  • goes the extra mile by not only identifying issues but also offering tailored strategies for each stage of the journey.
  • Employs advanced AI-driven analytics to extract insights, refine marketing strategies, identify improvement areas, and address pain points within the journey.
  • Offers tailored strategies for each stage, enhancing the overall customer experience for sustained growth and loyalty.

Video feedback Analysis, revolutionizing customer insight capture

  • enables gathering authentic customer feedback through videos and uses AI to decode sentiments and nuances.
  • Provides enriched analytics, informed decision-making, and transformative customer experiences through video feedback analysis.

Gain key insights with critical analysis

Survey analysis with XEBO

Many brands still spend hours analyzing data word by word when they should be using that time to make more informed business decisions to ultimately drive change. Let do the heavy lifting on analysis, so you can spend time lifting your results.

  • simplifies data analysis, providing detailed analyses with pain points and actionable recommendations for informed decision-making.
  • Harnesses AI for comprehensive feedback analysis, delving deeper into customer journeys to gain invaluable insights.

Fuel innovation, drive growth and transform data into strategy

  • equips businesses with tools to turn feedback into action, transforming insights into memorable customer journeys.
  • It aims to empower businesses to act effectively on data, enhancing overall customer experiences and fostering growth and innovation.

Get ready to redefine Experience Management with XEBO

We are excited about the future that holds for experience management. It signifies a new chapter, an amalgamation of cutting-edge AI technology and experience management expertise. aims to reshape the landscape of customer engagement, fostering deeper connections between businesses and their audience. With, we are heading to a new era of Experience Mangement where AI-driven insights fuel richer analytics, enable more informed decisions, and ultimately, transform customer experiences. Join us on this transformative journey as we pioneer the future of Experience Management with

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