Tips To Creating The Best Customer Experience Survey

Importance of Customer Experience

In today’s world, customer experience plays a very important role in the branding of any company. The bigger the brand, the bigger is the company and the greater the profits. Because of the connected community, how customers perceive your brand is what defines your brand, rather than how you define it to be. Thus, customer insight from customer experience survey helps you to have an understanding of your brand, where you stand in your competitive market niche and then formulate strategies to alter, change or improve the brand experience of your customers.

How To Collect Reliable CX Data?

A survey is one of the most common methods to collect customer experience data. Survey2Connect allows you to formulate your survey according to your survey agenda.Surveys can be done for analyzing any of the customer experiences at any stage of a transaction. Surveys can be done on your long-term loyal customers, recently converted customers, potential customers, etc.Depending upon the segmented group of the customers that you want to target, questions need to be shaped accordingly. Some of the best practices for formulating surveys and questionnaires on customer experiences are described below:

  1. KPI: KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. It is a type of performance measurement. Every business and every department has its parameters that derive success. Decide the parameters that are important for your company or department. The survey should be focused on measuring those key parameters.
  1. Purpose: Decide the purpose of your survey. The main objective of the survey decides the entire survey structure. Customer experience survey may have the following objectives:
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey: To measure customer loyalty.
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Survey: Whether we meet customer expectations.
  • Post Purchase Survey: Survey on a particular experience.
  • Product or Service Development Survey: Product or service improvements that the customers would recommend.
  1. Choose your target group: Try to classify or segment your customers on parameters like geographical area, how much they know about your brand, customer’s interaction with the brand, demographics, etc. Then, choose the group that you want to target. The questions need to be framed according to the target group.
  1. Relevant questions: The questions should be framed depending upon your target group. The questions should be relevant to that target group. If the target group chosen is based on geographical area, then the questions can be biased to that region. The questions should be relevant to your purpose. Irrelevant questions can create trust issues amongst the customers filling the survey. The customers may lose interest, and they may leave the survey in-between and incomplete.
  1. Question Structure: The question structure of the survey should be simple, short, crisp and clear. The question of language should be clear and direct. Try and avoid philosophical questions. The questions should be so framed that they can be answered easily. You should decide which question needs to be open-ended, yes/no or scaled score. Try minimizing the open-ended questions. The scale should ideally range from 1-5.
  1. Personal Questions: Try to avoid asking very personal questions. Personal questions should mainly include demographic questions. Avoid asking finance/income questions. Try To Personalize The Survey As Much As You Can. Always have a skip option when asking these questions, in case the respondent feels uneasy answering those questions.
  1. Question Order: Questions should be ordered in such a way that it builds on the earlier questions. Don’t ask open-ended questions at the very beginning. Open-ended feedbacks should ideally appear towards the end of the survey.
  1. Channels: Depending upon your target group, decide upon the channels that are best suited to reach your target group. For example, your target group lies in the age group of 15-25, use social media channels to conduct surveys on Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  1. Mobile Optimization: Nowadays, mobile optimization of the survey is very important. This enables the respondents to take the survey on the phone efficiently. Mobile optimization improves survey performance on smartphones. If a survey is not mobile optimized, it will take a lot of time to load. Also, the survey will be less responsive to mobile phones if not optimized correctly.
  1. Response Format: Response format can be in form of Yes/No, Scaled Ratings (ideally from 1 to 5) or open-ended. Open-ended responses should be limited. However, one open-ended feedback is important to record genuine concerns and feedbacks. The response format mainly depends upon the question structure.

For customer experience feedback, scaled ratings provide a better insight towards the customers’ thoughts and feelings rather than Yes/No responses.

  1. Show the time estimate/Total questions: The estimated time to complete the survey should be mentioned on the survey screen. This time should be kept as minimal as possible.

The total questions of the survey should also be mentioned at the starting of the survey.

  1. Appreciation Note: After the survey is recorded, an appreciation note should appear on the screen. It shows gratitude towards the customers for their response and to let them know that their response is highly valued.
  1. Testing: Before sending out the surveys on various channels, test the survey beforehand. Send the survey to a test group. This test group can be the employees of your company, friends or family. This enables you to identify any glitches in the survey before it goes live.

The above points should be kept in mind while making a customer experience survey.After recording the survey responses of the customers, analysis of the data collected is also very important.Survey2Connect is a tool that not only helps you in creating your survey, but it also helps in analyzing the data collected. It helps in analyzing the sentiments of the customers and predict futuristic probabilities.Survey2Connect helps in identifying and tracking negative reviews in real-time so that you can follow-up with the customer to address the problem and increase the loyalty of the customers towards your brand.

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