Survey2Connect launches its data center in UAE

Survey2Connect is growing rapidly in the region of Middle-East and to adhere to the data privacy norms and regulations in the region, S2C is pleased to announce that we have launched our data center in UAE to ensure seamless services to our clients in UAE and Saudi Arabia. The update to data localization would also let our partners experience an overall improved experience with low latency.  Now our partners in the region have a range of options when it comes to storing their data.Our data centres are powered by Microsoft Azure, who has recently entered the region to provide assistance with multilayered security, infrastructure and operations for physical data centres.Opening data centres in the region means all governments and organisations in the region are now able to comply with data sovereignty and security requirements while leveraging the power of the S2C’s Experience Management Platform. In this era of technology, data has become a key asset for stakeholder and while numerous laws dictate data protection in their own ways, data localization in 2021 is a growing norm for protecting data sovereignty and S2C stands with the belief of providing data protection to our clients all over the globe. S2C is a global experience management platform that empowers market research and data collection. Using the data available to us, we provide powerful insights to make strategic decisions. Riding high on our successive partnership with local resources in the UAE, we plan to expand and provide data centres in Europe and the United States of America by the end of May 2021. While we adhere to all security, protection and data privacy norms of the region, we always ensure protection from a multinational approach. Some practices we follow to ensure that your data is safe with us are:

  • All development and deployment under VPN
  • Use of SSL2.0 and TLS 1.2 for data encryption in transit
  • ISO 27001 certified

Survey2Connect is committed to ensuring a seamless service to our customers. To provide the best possible service, we provide 24/7 assistance for if you want to migrate your existing data to your preferred data centre. If you want to know more about this, contact us on --

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