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For the past few months, our team has been busy developing an enhanced survey editing interface for our customers. We're committed to offering a clear and streamlined experience for editing surveys, that allows users to efficiently create intelligent surveys and gather essential insights.

We understand that a tool must be more than just robust—it also needs to be user-friendly and enjoyable. To achieve this, we have incorporated the latest best practices and contemporary style guides to present you with a sleek, modern tool that you will be excited to use!

Modern fonts and layout

Our initial update includes a font and text styling enhancement aimed at making the platform more legible. This might seem like a small update, but we believe it significantly impacts both survey creators and respondents.  This update not only refreshes the look and feel of the survey editor but also minimizes the visual clutter associated with dense, cumbersome text. The difference is immediately noticeable in the before and after images provided below.

Additionally, we have made sure to minimize the visual "noise" in the layout by transitioning the background to a sleek, smooth grey. This alteration will aid users in concentrating on their primary tasks: adding and editing survey questions.

We have also refined the frames around each question. By adopting lighter borders, we create a clearer separation between questions, facilitating a more intuitive flow on the editing page.



Streamlined Editing  

Inline Editing

Our updated editing experience now allows you to directly modify your questions and answer options within the survey itself, eliminating the need for the old "Edit Popup." Any changes you make on the platform will be reflected instantly, ensuring a quicker and more accurate survey editing experience.

Bulk Editing

For questions with many answer options, instead of modifying each answer individually, our latest Bulk Edit feature will save you both time and effort. This update enables you to edit all the answers for any multiple-choice question instantaneously, saving you valuable time and energy.

Unified Logic Management

We understand that logic is fundamental to crafting effective surveys, therefore we've significantly enhanced our logic capabilities. With the UI update, we've streamlined the experience of adding logic to a survey by consolidating all logic options in a single menu and offering a top-tier user experience for designing various logic flows.

In conclusion, our latest updates to the survey editing platform are designed to enhance efficiency, accessibility, and user enjoyment. By streamlining the editing experience, we are committed to ensuring that our customers can create and manage surveys with ease. These improvements not only save time and reduce effort but also elevate the overall user experience, making our platform a powerful tool for gathering insights effectively. We are excited for you to experience these new features and look forward to supporting your success in capturing valuable data through your surveys.

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