Expanding Omnichannel Collection With WhatsApp Integration

For companies offering Survey creation, an omnichannel collection suite has been a top priority. With a fast-paced world and short attention span, reaching the customer is not enough. If you want to catch your customers’ attention, you need to reach them on their preferred channel. It can range from Email to SMS to Social Media. However, for hundreds of millions of people, Whatsapp has become their preferred channel for any means of communication.WhatsApp, today, is by far one of the most used and pervasive communication channels in the world. Used by more than 2 billion people in more than 180 countries, WhatsApp is the third most downloaded app in the world, only after Facebook and YouTube. WhatsApp also happens to be the app that witnesses a high activity with users sending more than 65 billion messages and dialing their contacts for more than 55 million video calls each day. Although a growing entity in the USA with close to 70 million users, it is estimated that India has more than 390 million active users and UAE has close to 8 million users, which is roughly 80% of the country’s population.WhatsApp, today, stands as a communication giant and if your product offers an omnichannel approach, there is no way you can leave WhatsApp integration behind. For this blog, we will only focus on the Survey Collection suite and how WhatsApp integration is the need of the hour for Survey Platforms.

WhatsApp Integration For Survey Collection Suite

At Survey2Connect, we take pride in being ahead of any trend. With our omnichannel collection suite, we have made sure that our partners can reach their customers on their preferred communication channel. Ranging from a web link to SMS, Email, and Social Media collector, we offer it all. However, in 2021, if we are talking about reaching customers on their preferred medium of communication, this list cannot be complete without WhatsApp. Today, the app is used by businesses to send business communications including offers, bills, coupons. However, one aspect which is yet to be explored is using WhatsApp to get customers' feedback.With the world going socially distant in 2020 and the trend continuing to this year, brands integrated their WhatsApp for business to get the best out of the application. When I went shopping this year, I received my bills on WhatsApp rather than the usual foot-long paper bill. I received order confirmation on my WhatsApp. All of this allowed me to keep all my records in a single application which is lighter than the usual message app. Integrating your feedback survey with WhatsApp would not only ease the survey filling process for the users, but it would also ensure that no user misses out on the feedback survey message, thus increasing the response rate.

Personalization and Omnichannel support

With default inbox being flooded by spam messages and promotional offers, your survey might often be missed by your customers. Integrating your Customer Feedback system and WhatsApp would allow you to create a single channel of communication with your customers and unlike Message Inbox or Email, your survey link won’t be lost amidst the silos of spam and other promotional messages.Also, considering the high usage of WhatsApp, the omnichannel approach for survey distribution cannot be complete without integrating WhatsApp as a survey collector.At Survey2Connect, we have updated our Omnichannel collection suite to integrate WhatsApp as a survey collector. Now you can directly send survey links to your customers on their WhatsApp. This would make your message more visible, which as a result would increase your survey response rate.We believe the WhatsApp survey is the way forward and if you, as a business, wish to stay ahead of the curve, Survey2Connect is the partner for you. With easy-to-make DIY surveys and more than 20+ question types with advanced logic, you can create and share your survey with your customers in minutes. With an intuitive Dashboard that tracks the progress in real-time, you can manage all your insights in one place. Visit www.survey2connect.com to know more.

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