7 Effective solutions to a drowning Customer Experience

Every time a person interacts with your brand, they have a certain experience. This experience could be good or bad. For instance, imagine you're thinking of buying a new laptop. You have two options that are exactly the same, but they are from different brands. Brand A responds quickly to your questions and is always friendly when helping you with any problems. On the other hand, brand B doesn't reply to your messages on time and doesn't seem interested in helping you with your questions. In this situation, most people would choose brand A over brand B. This is because customers pick brands that provide them with a good customer experience. Even though both companies have people to help customers, what sets them apart is the experience they provide to customers. Thus, delivering an exceptional customer experience has become important for businesses to succeed, especially when the market is saturated with options. Customers want more and only businesses that focus on customer experience management will succeed in a market that keeps changing.As per the Forbes survey, 74% customers would buy something based solely on the experience they have with the brand. Another study found out that among companies led by CEOs who prioritize customer-centric approaches, 64% perceive themselves as being more profitable compared to their competitors. Thus, improving customer experience has become the focus of every brand. Is your company also seeking customer experience solutions to increase customer experience? In this blog, we’ll provide you with ways to improve customer experience and boost your revenue and profits. Read on to find out more.

Why is it important to improve customer experience?

Ensuring that your customers have an exceptional customer experience is important for your business to succeed. When customers are happy, they usually keep coming back, and that increases ROI of your business. According to a report by the Tempkin Group, companies generating an annual revenue of $1 billion can potentially witness a remarkable 70% increase in their earnings within a span of three years. This is brought about by prioritizing the enhancement of a seamless customer experience.Even though it might require some additional efforts, improving customer experience is definitely worthwhile. The benefits of improving CX are significant and include:Enhancing sales conversions: Customers who have the best experiences tend to spend 140% more than those who don't enjoy their experience. A satisfying brand experience also leads to higher customer lifetime value.Retaining loyal customers: Giving customers a good experience is an asset for your business. If you make them happy, they'll want to keep doing business with you for a long time.Boosting customer retention: If you provide prompt customer service, customers are more likely to stay loyal to your business. As your customer experience improves, customer complaints reduce, and satisfied customers choose to stick with your brand for a lifetime.

7 effective solutions to a drowning customer experience

Here are some customer experience solutions that can assist you in refining your customer experience strategy.

1. Define and develop a customer experience strategy

Customer experience refers to the overall impact of all the interactions a customer has with a business from start to finish. But this experience can be different depending on the type of business. For businesses that work with other businesses (B2B), it involves things like discovering the brand, the sales process, getting started with the product, and using it. For businesses that sell to individual customers (B2C), it covers everything from ads and social media interactions to buying in a store or online, and everything before and after that. Regardless of whether it's B2B or B2C, every part of the business has a role in delivering exceptional customer experience. So, it's important to create a culture that focuses on customer experience management to make this happen.Here are some important tips for creating a great customer experience:

  • Predict Customer Needs: Understand what your customers want and adjust your services to match their expectations.
  • Get Feedback: Collect feedback from customers across all touchpoints like social media, chat, and in-app interactions.
  • Be Available: Make sure customers can easily reach you and that you respond quickly to their questions.
  • Offer Help: Provide resources that let customers solve problems on their own, so they don't always have to ask for help.

2. Map your customer journey

Before starting any project in your company, it's wise to establish a well-thought-out plan. One effective way to start is a customer journey map. This map serves as an outline detailing all the stages your customers go through when engaging with your company. This contains not only the purchasing phase but also other interactions such as social media engagement, online advertisements, and customer service interactions.To create the map, it's crucial to get input from various people within your organization. Customer insights are distributed across various departments, making it crucial to incorporate viewpoints from all team members. Additionally, it's imperative to include both pre-sale and post-sale aspects of the customer experience. While emphasis on interactions before a sale is common, the phase after a sale holds equal importance in enhancing the customer experience. Contemplate each touchpoint through which the customer engages and how these instances influence their perception.Possessing this customer journey map provides every member of your organization with a clear view of the complete customer journey. This aids in comprehending the customer's requisites and expectations while pinpointing areas that require enhancement. Equipped with this map, your team can identify performance gaps and concentrate on diverse elements to elevate the customer experience. You can shape a more fulfilling purchasing journey for your customers.Still doubtful about charting the customer's journey? Survey2Connect is at your service to create insightful customer journey maps customized for your brand. These maps offer insight into providing an understanding of why customers opt for your brand and identifying areas for enhancement.

3. Evaluate customer feedback using right metrics

Recognizing the significance of tracking appropriate KPIs is as crucial as acquiring customer feedback. Below are the essential metrics that you must absolutely include:

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The Net Promoter Score serves as an indicator of customer loyalty, measuring their inclination to advocate for your brand. You can gather NPS data by asking a simple question: "Would you recommend this product/service to your friends or family?"The NPS survey is a simple yet great way to measure your customers’ loyalty to your brand. This metric aims to identify customers who may be less satisfied with the product or service and convert them into enthusiastic brand advocates.Here is our comprehensive NPS guide which answers all your NPS- related questions.With Survey2Connect’s user-friendly platform, you can create NPS surveys in a breeze – just a few clicks, and you're all set! No more hassle or complicated processes. Stay on top of your NPS score with real-time calculations, ensuring you always know where you stand in terms of customer loyalty.

Customer Effort Score (CES)

The Customer Effort Score evaluates the customer’s experience based on the ease or difficulty they encountered while completing specific actions. Imagine a scenario where a customer reaches out to your service center to resolve inquiries. Once their concerns are addressed, you can send out a survey with a straightforward question such as "How simple was it to resolve your issue?" This question can be rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 indicating the easiest experience.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

As the name suggests, CSAT measures the level of contentment customers feel towards your brand following an interaction. CSAT concentrates on touchpoints and inquires whether customers were satisfied with their experience or not.Here is our comprehensive CSAT guide which answers all your CSAT- related questions.Customer satisfaction is super vital for your business to stay healthy. If your customers aren't satisfied, they'll go away, and any business that has a lot of customers leaving won't last in the long run or do well against its competitors.Generate your own CSAT surveys effortlessly using Survey2Connect's versatile survey creation platform. Customize the elements such as factors, measurements, and ranges according to your preferences while interacting with your customers. Moreover, gain access to enhanced analytics through S2C. You can forego the necessity of exporting standardized reports for data analysis and the creation of Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) insights independently

Time to Resolution (TTR)

Time to Resolution calculates the average duration taken by your customer service team to successfully resolve a support ticket. To compute TTR, sum up the total time required to resolve all tickets and then divide it by the total number of tickets resolved. This will provide you with the TTR value.TRR helps make customers happier by solving their problems faster. It also makes the company work better by finding ways to fix issues quicker and use resources wisely. When problems are solved fast, customers are less likely to leave for other companies, and they start to like the company more. Tracking TTR also helps see how well the customer service team is doing and find ways to make them even better. So, TTR is like a guide that helps the company improve and keep customers happy.

4. Build an Omnichannel strategy

Developing an omnichannel strategy is important for businesses. It means creating a plan to make sure that customers have a good experience when they interact with your company through different ways like buying things, getting help, and learning about your products. Almost all customers expect everything to work smoothly when they talk to a business using different methods. They want every experience to feel the same, without any problems. To make this happen, you need to make sure that the journey customers go through is smooth and easy, whether they're online or offline.Having a strategy that covers all the ways you communicate with customers brings several benefits. It lets customers switch between different methods without any trouble. It also helps businesses understand better how customers go through the process and lets them make things better based on that information. When you bring all customer interactions together in one system, it helps your team work better and, most importantly, makes customers happier.Survey2Connect has designed solutions that collect feedback from customers through many ways, making sure that both online and offline methods work well together. This helps you connect with customers and make their experience great.

5. Leverage the power of AI

The utilization of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming prevalent in enhancing customer service within businesses. A useful application of AI comes in the form of chatbots, which contribute to improved customer service and accelerated business expansion.Chatbots play a role in reducing customer support expenses by around 30% through swift responses and addressing common inquiries. These bots operate around the clock, ensuring prompt assistance even during peak times when the support team is occupied. This capacity to handle a substantial volume of interactions during high-demand periods maintains a good standard of support.However, it's crucial to acknowledge that AI is not equipped to manage intricate queries comprehensively. Thus, a seamless transition to human agents is essential for effective solutions. Integrating chatbots for addressing frequently asked questions and utilizing live agents for more complex issues enables businesses to elevate their customer experience.Survey2Connect is recognized for its customer-centric approach and has firmly established itself as a leading platform for experience management. Powered by an AI-driven CX assistant named XEBO, the platform empowers brands to effortlessly collect and analyze feedback with exceptional precision. Through Survey2Connect, brands can capture feedback at various touchpoints, leveraging AI-powered actionable insights to drive significant enhancements in their customer experiences.

6. Maintain a good customer support team

The customer experience is highly influenced by the performance of the customer service team. The decision of whether your customers will remain loyal lies on the superior performance of your customer service team throughout every interaction.Through the collection of feedback from your customers, you now possess a clear understanding of how your service quality aligns with the customer experience standards you've set. The subsequent critical phase involves imparting appropriate training to each member of your customer service team. This training includes aspects such as communication skills, dialogue approach, etiquette and behaviour , and more.Investing in a proficient service team and equipping them with comprehensive training will enable your company to build stronger connections with customers, thereby facilitating the growth of your business.

7. Integrate Voice of Customer programs

Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs are instrumental in elevating customer experience to new heights. These programs are designed to capture and analyze valuable insights directly from customers, allowing businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their preferences, needs, and pain points. By actively listening to customers' feedback, VoC programs empower companies to make informed decisions and tailor their offerings accordingly. Implementing VoC initiatives leads to proactive problem-solving, improved product development, and more personalized customer interactions. Ultimately, VoC programs serve as a strategic tool that enhances CX by fostering a customer-centric approach, boosting customer loyalty, and driving sustainable business growth.

How can Survey2Connect help you improve your customer experience?

It's clear now that exceptional customer experience opens great opportunities with a direct impact on your company's revenue. Developing an appropriate CX strategy doesn't just improve customer experience but also shifts your organization's focus towards customers. This results in long-term benefits.Emphasizing customer experience solutions is a core requirement for constructing a viable and prosperous business framework. Survey2Connect offers an all-inclusive platform for customer experience management, enabling efficient collection and management of customer feedback. This leads to improvement in your customer experience.Are you enthusiastic about embracing an exceptional customer experience? Set up your Demo with Survey2Connect today and embark on a journey towards achieving remarkable CX!

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