5 Key Initiatives to Improve Customer Experience

“The best advertising you can have is a loyal customer spreading the word about how incredible your business is.” – Shep Hyken Zara's commitment to improve customer experience remains at the core of its continued success. The fashion giant took the lead in setting a remarkable customer experience precedent with its groundbreaking mobile app called 'Store Mode.' By exclusively displaying items stocked at the customer's nearby Zara store, the app ensured a streamlined buying process to improve the customer experience. This user-friendly approach not only enhanced convenience but also boosted the likelihood of satisfied customers recommending Zara's services to their friends and acquaintances. The company reported an impressive 27% increase in net income, accompanied by a 23% rise in sales. Notably, Zara achieved these remarkable results with 10% fewer stores and 6% less commercial space compared to 2021, thanks to Zara’s efforts to improve customer experience. To increase customer experience is now the focus in all industries. Innovation and competitive pricing were dominant in the past, but today, providing outstanding experiences sets brands apart. Quirky advertisements and competitive pricing are no longer enough to attract customers' attention. Customers now demand more from brands to stand out from competitors. As customers increasingly look for exceptional experiences, brands are dedicating more efforts to improve customer experience. Is your company also seeking solutions to increase customer experience? In this blog, we'll provide insights on how to improve customer experience to make you customers’ favorite and boost your revenue and profits. Read on to find out more.

Why is it important to improve your customer experience?

Providing a positive customer experience is crucial for your business success. Happy customers tend to become loyal ones, which ultimately leads to increased revenue. According to a report by the Tempkin Group, companies generating an annual revenue of $1 billion can potentially witness a remarkable 70% increase in their earnings within a span of three years by prioritizing the enhancement of a seamless customer experience. Although it may require some extra effort, improving customer experience is definitely worthwhile. The benefits of improving CX are significant and include:

  1. Boosting sales conversions: Customers who have the best experiences spend 140% more compared to those with negative experiences. A satisfying brand experience also leads to higher customer lifetime value.
  1. Increasing customer loyalty: Superior experience becomes an asset for any business. By creating a good experience, you can delight your clients and ensure they continue doing business with you in the long run.
  1. Enhancing client retention: Providing prompt service boosts customer satisfaction and encourages them to stay loyal to your business. As CX improves, customer support issues decrease significantly, and satisfied customers choose to stay associated with your brand for a lifetime.

5 ways to improve customer experience

Map your Customer Journey to increase Customer experience

Before starting any company-wide initiative, it's smart to have a plan in place. One useful tool to begin with is a customer journey map. A customer journey map is a simple outline of all the steps your customers take when interacting with your company. This includes not only purchasing but also other interactions like social media, online ads, and customer service. To create the map, it's crucial to get input from various people within your organization. Customer insights are spread across different departments, so including perspectives from all team members is essential. Also, remember to consider both pre- and post-sale aspects of the customer experience. While focusing on pre-sale interactions is common, the post-sale phase is just as important to increase customer experience. Think about every touchpoint the customer interacts with and how those experiences shape their perception. Having this map allows everyone in your organization to see the overall customer journey clearly. It helps them understand the customer's needs and expectations and identify areas that need improvement. With this understanding, your team can spot performance gaps and focus on various aspects to improve customer experience. By doing so, you can create a more satisfying journey for your customers. Are you still doubtful about mapping the customer's journey? Survey2Connect can help you create highly insightful customer journey maps tailored to your business, providing an understanding of why customers opt for your brand and identifying areas for enhancement.

Nurture your employees to increase Customer experience

Your employees represent your brand, and how they act and feel can affect how customers are treated. If your employees are unhappy, they might not go the extra mile to help customers, even if they are not rude. This can make customers feel unappreciated and unsatisfied. On the other hand, if your employees are eager and willing to do more for customers, it will definitely improve your customer experience. To make customers happy, it's essential to start by making your employees happy and loyal. Show your employees how much you value them by providing them with the benefits they deserve. However, merely striving for employee satisfaction might not hit the bullseye. Prioritize employee engagement to ignite enthusiasm for their daily responsibilities and foster active involvement in your organization. Empower your team by providing the necessary tools, resources, and support for their success and job satisfaction every day. Utilize Survey2Connect to map internal workflows, seamlessly integrate with powerful applications, and introduce a truly rewarding employee experience.

Improve Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now being used to improve the way businesses serve their customers. One helpful application of AI is through chatbots, which can enhance customer service and lead to faster business growth. Chatbots can save up to 30% of customer support costs by providing quick responses and answering common questions. They work 24/7, even when the support team is busy, so customers don't have to wait in long queues for answers. These bots can handle a large number of conversations during busy times without compromising on the quality of support. It's important to remember that AI can't handle every complex query, so there should be a smooth transition to human agents for effective solutions. By using chatbots for FAQs and live agents for more complicated issues, businesses can increase customer experience. Renowned for its customer-centric approach, Survey2Connect has firmly established itself as a leading experience management platform. Empowered by its AI-driven CX assistant, XEBO, the platform enables brands to effortlessly gather and analyze feedback with remarkable accuracy. By utilizing Survey2Connect, brands can capture feedback at various touchpoints, harnessing AI-powered actionable insights to drive significant improvements in their customer experiences.

Create Omni-Channel strategy to improve CX

Having an omnichannel strategy is important for businesses because it helps them understand how customers interact with their brands across different channels. This includes sales, customer support, and marketing. 9 out of 10 consumers expect a seamless experience when they communicate with a business through different methods. Customers want every interaction with your business to be similar, without any disconnect. To provide a consistent omnichannel customer experience, it's crucial to ensure a smooth journey across all channels, both online and offline. An omnichannel communication strategy improves the customer journey in several ways. It enables customers to smoothly switch between different channels during a single interaction. It also helps businesses gain better insights into the customer journey and make improvements based on that data. Streamlining customer interactions under one platform enhances team productivity and ultimately increases customer experience. Survey2Connect’s Omnichannel feedback collection solutions are crafted to optimize your customer outreach and establish connections by seamlessly integrating digital and physical channels.

Embrace Personalization to improve your customer experience

To increase customer experience, it's important to personalize your interactions with them. Customers want more human-like service, showing that they prefer genuine conversations rather than feeling like anonymous numbers in a system. Building a human connection with your customers is crucial. Nowadays, modern brands do things like offering special birthday deals and addressing customers by their names in emails. By making every interaction personal and caring, you can greatly improve the customer experience. Zomato, for example, sets itself apart from others by adding fun and quirky elements to their customer interactions. Embracing this personalized approach helps improve customer experience.

Take Action

By now, it's evident that increased customer experience brings fantastic opportunities that directly affect your company's revenue. Having the right CX strategy not only improves customer experience but also transforms your organization into a customer-focused one, leading to long-term advantages. Giving priority to customer experience is fundamental for building a sustainable and successful business model. Survey2Connect provides a comprehensive customer experience platform that enables you to collect and manage customer feedback effectively which ultimately increases your customer experience. Are you eager to enjoy exceptional customer experience? Schedule your Demo with Survey2Connect today and embark on a journey towards outstanding CX!

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