Return on Investment is a determining factor when you plan to invest. While it is easy to calculate the ROI for a Facebook ad campaign, calculating the ROI for something as complex as Customer Experience can be quite tricky. Almost all the companies out there would agree that providing a great customer experience is important, yet not many are good at delivering a seamless customer experience. It is not because they lack a will to implement but because implementing a robust CX is innately complex and although you measure CX across universal parameters, each brand is different.

To make matters worse, Management always seeks an ROI number to approve the resources you need to implement and improve your CX program. With this eBook, XEBO.ai (Formerly known as Survey2Connect) has tried to simplify the calculation of ROI of CX by using 5 step calculation. It starts from calculating benefits to calculating total investment.

Fill the form and download your copy of the ROI of Customer Experience and make sure you can quote the exact number for ROI in your next meeting with your team members.